Delta stripers 11/17

Hit the delta again in search for that elusive DD striper. Unfortunately, no DD but got close with a 9lber which didn't know it was hooked because it came in without a fight and went berserk when it got to the side of my yak and saw me holding the net. [green]

Trolled about 10 miles yesterday on the kayak...pretty damn tiring. Had a few doubles and triples which were pretty fun...ended the day with 20-25 fish per person, 4 keeper sized, largest going 25.5". All released except 1 fish.
looks like a nice day. glad you had success. that double must have been nice
where do you launch from if you dont mind me asking?
Launched from Turner Cut in Stockton.
Nice Won!
Looks like you had a killer day! Great job!
Thanks for sharing! Wish I could've joined you guys.
Nice IBangBangU! 9 is good.

I've never fished for stripers and I have only caught one so far on spook, but maybe the next time LMB fishing is slow, I'll give a shot trolling for stripers. It might be fun. I'm thinking try trolling some stuff I have:

1. 3/4 oz spinnerbait, maybe even put some extra weight
2. C-rigged minnow like Rapala
3. C-rigged soft swimbaits
4. C-rigged fluke, maybe even double them
5. Jigging spoons

Any of these might work you think? (no idea how deep they should swim)
On days where the stripers are active, any of those lures should work casting wise, not so sure about trolling them.

For trolling, I recommend using an umbrella/a-rig or some type of lipped lure like crankbaits or broke back rebel lures where you can target a specific depth. I troll an umbrella rig and I have to estimate about how deep I'm running. If you plan on trolling a-rigs, make sure you get the weighted head style.

Good luck!