Delta Sunday, 11/25

Hey, guys new to the board. Hope the post includes enough info. I moved up here last winter and just got my new boat about a month ago and just fished the delta for the first time. I launched out of Pittsburg and headed up the river. I threw rip baits, swim baits, and lipless cranbkbaits for LMB all morning for nothing. Around noon, I finally headed up to a rock wall across from Lauritzens (?) and immediately got into stripers. I worked a lipless crank bait over about 1/4 mile of the wall and caught several fish between 1-3 lbs., with the largest going just over 6lbs. When the tide topped out, the bite died, so I moved up river some more and fished some more levy walls, but didn't find any more fish. I need to put a lot more time in up there. That's a lot of diverse water.
Thats a nice looking fish.