Dinkfest at Yote 3-24

We caught 14 fish from 7:30 to bout 1:00, they were all dinks the biggest was maybe a pound and a half. My son and i were tied at 5 fish a piece at 10:30. We took a break to eat. After the break he was so pumped to get more fish than me he missed about 10 strikes in a row while I caught 4 more. He did win biggest dink though.
looks like u guys are having fun out there !!!
It was a good day. I was glad to see the park rangers have opened all the gates for the parking towards the dam.
that's good to hear about the gates time to give yote a try before all the boats :)
Awesome to see Coyote having a nice bite. Anderson is white hot and Coyote is heating up - glad there's no boat pressure!
Damn it man I hit up coyote to day but after 5pm I was at Santa Nella earlier my wife wanted to fish the forebay but after dropping off the family I fished a while at yote and didn't get a single bite but I did try out my new gear. But I'm noticing a pattern, stupid me I need to get out there early!