Do I need to keep roboworms in their original bag?

I noticed the bag had a tiny bit of liquid in it. I was wondering if this liquid was important, maybe some fish attractant. Because I wanted to keep 1 or 2 roboworms in my tiny tacklebox.

Can I do this or do I have to keep them in a bag or the original baggy?

Also, what do you guys think about roboworms? Best method to fish them?
I realized its fresher in the bag but putting it in another container will still catch same amount of fish.
You should think about getting a tackle binder and throw that in a backpack so you don't have to carry a tackle box around in your hand from spot to spot.
I put mine in a tackle binder and they work just fine. Drop shotting Roboworms is probably the most common technique, but shaky head or small darter head on the 7" worm also can be good. Oxblood color and Margarita Mutilator are my favorite colors.
So if you don't keep them in a baggy, do they dry up or something?
No. I roll up the bag and try to keep it sealed the best I can if I don't put them in a binder. You could just transfer tham to a ziploc bag too.