Dobyns Flipping Stick 766

Selling it for $180 in great condition!
7'6 Heavy
If you are interested or have any questions please contact me at 408-833-2266
This is a bad ass flippin stick....i would buy it if i didn't already have one....can i just rod ever?....Dobyns hands down
Damn! Just bought the 765 Flippin Stick!
Peacheater81 wrote:
Damn! Just bought the 765 Flippin Stick!

cant go wrong with two hahaha..its what i did..i got a 766 and a 765 but POWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now at $150
Is this the newest generation?
Yea it is.. Dobyns Champion Series Flipping Stick
lol i need to get rid of this rod....
Can i rent to own? lol jk
I want a flipping stick. But do you think you could get away with tossing a frog on there? And I don't have enough to buy a frog rod, and a flipping rod. I was if any body ever threw a frog on a 766? Almost like a 2 for1 (only for the time being)
ive done it before i actually know people who prefer a flipping rod for their frogs and ive felt this rod and its has a good enough tip to cast those frogs
supermario408 wrote:

it true, i have a 766 Powell that i bought for punching and flipping but ended up throwing frogs on it alot..and it works
cool .. thanks for the info.
Still got that rod for sale bluegillmaniac??
more pics