Dog needs a better owner and home

Hey all, I need to find a new home for Kolohe, 9 month old that is house broken and people friendly. Plays at the dog park and all around cool dog. Had friction with my mom so it's the dog or her...Posted on BADRAP already and Face book. All he did was sniff her crotch so now he has to go and will! She blames me for his bad behavior and will not push him away or repremand him herself. So He needs love now for I am neglecting him! I now blame him for our split up! Help him please he deserves better! ;( ;(
man, that suck bro!
if I didnt have an old dog at the house i would help ya out...hope ya find a good home!
What breed?
Any pics?

I may be able to find someone with the right info....
He's an american pit bull terrier white with some spots and a brown eye patch. The picture of him is on the photos. The white pit wearing a jacket on the bass boat. I can post a pic if you can't find him.