Doomsday approaching...2/16!!

Yep I said it Yote!!!! Opens Monday!!! Will be
There in full force at 7:30ish!! Hudd,jigg,crank!!

Hope to see SJB members there calling in sick
To work!!!!

>:-( Like you said Jr., Work sucks!!!
Looking forward to a post that'll make me jealous.
Right this my new 40 hr wrk week!!! Hittn it
M-F 8-1 lol ok 30 hr wrk week!!!!

Hey jim the fish must be deeper fyi it was tough today managed a 8.4lb carp on dropshot lol and i went to some local san jose ponds and managed to get 4 bass one of which was 2.5lbs to 3lbs
JR ???? what say you ?
did you go ?
Think it might be tough, looked muddy as hell. Hate that place in the mud!! Jr. might be hitt'in em though, no reply post lol .. Would be nice to have all week off.

Anyone on these below?

Water temp?


Set'Em Good
water temp - 55 @8am finished at 57 @2pm

Visabilty - chocolate milk like... very dirty water

We did get fish on Wednesday when we went out. Jr got 3 total 2 on swim jig and 1 on a jig.
I managed 3 also.. 2 on a chatterbait and one on a drop shot.
All the fish we quite close to shore and relating to the "sticks" or shrubs stick out of the water.

He will give you all the 411 and pics for our trip on Wednesday.
As for Monday he didn't catch anything.
Although a 10 plus was caught Monday I believe and we did see a sweet 7 plus and 5 pounder in a live well on Wednesday as well.
Shoot opening day looked like a tournament was going
on cause I got there at 7:15 and there was at least 25
boats in line!! 50% banded 50% not banded!!!

As for the fishing man it was tough Joe(bighurt) managed
To gather 2 fish bout 2lbs ea!! But as for me I got the skunk!

Tuesday had to fix trolling motor mount didn't fish!!!! :-(...

Wednesday went out wit (Mike)rippn lips and we had a
Very decent day action wise!!! No size biggest 4lbs!! I
Got 3 and mike as well!!!

Thurs no fishing ... My dad had to put our beagle "missy''
Our most dedicated fishing buddy down!!! Man that was
Ruff!!! Literally!!!!

Fri was another fat bust!!! Got 1 on a crank and lost it by
the boat!!! Lil chunk prolly 3lbs!!

But nxt week might be better!! I'm burnt this week!!! Although
One of our long time members did get a 10.78 opening day and
On Wednesday he go a fat 7.5-8lber plus a 5 and couple others
He is def on them!!! Big one up to him!!!

Hopefully yote treats me good this coming week plan on being
There a lot !!!

Nice fish, good to see the bass are making their move and the weather warming up! Any week now and it'll start blowing up!
Way to go jim nice fish.
JR ,
Thanks for the post ,
sorry to hear about your dog . Those are tough losses .
They don't call em mans best friend for nothing !!
Thanks for the report Jr.
My condolences to you and your Dad, it's a tough time.
RIP Missy.
Thanks for the kind words!!!! This lake is gunna pop
Off in about 2-3 weeks gunna and should be a fun

Thanks for the kind words again!!!
Here she is hard at work keeping us
Company!!! 13 yrs on the boat hardly
Ever missed a trip!!! Love ya Missy Girl!!