Double Dropshot Rig?

I was thinking of fishing a double dropshot rig with a small craw pattern jig and the bottom used for the dropshot weight, and a shad pattern at the top Palomar of the dropshot rig. Has anyone ever tried this? I think it might be good to fish both craw and shad patterns at the same time to cover what the Bass want. Anybody tried this?


yup that has been done already. Bass masters elite new rules , guess you can't even do that anymore during competition...due to the A-rig.
The double drop is money on lakes that hold spotted bass. One of my favorite little secrets in finesse fishing.... I rig it 2 different ways... Both ways have been successful for me...

I used a rig similar to that however i use a nekko or flick shake setup on the bottom. The palomar is ok, there are better knots out there.

I had success during the 2010 Western Regional Championships on Folsom Lake.

Spots love em bacause they have the variety and double hook ups are not uncommon.
Would anyone mind to share more details on the setup? Such as knots, hooks, weights? Is the palomar a good knot for this, would think that the knot would be the weakest part...
The palomar is always a good knot to use on a drop shot. You dont have to use a palomar, but its strongly suggested by alot of guys.
i tie a dropper loop, but i do it a little diferently than some