Dropped my phone in the lake!

I was out fishing in my inflatable raft yesterday at Foothill Park (Palo Alto). It was a sunny, totally still, beautiful day. I hadn't caught a single thing there in months. I pulled out a 4.5# heavy female (a Personal Best). I took a few pictures of it and put the phone back in my lap. As I was leaving, getting out of the raft, the phone took a dive into the lake. I grabbed it and yanked the battery out immediately. It's drying in a bowl of rice right now. Im keeping my fingers crossed that the phone is still ok, with my PB picture intact. Believe it or not, this has happened to me before, same phone. I let it sit in a bowl of rice for 3 days and Voila! it worked just like it did before the swim.
yeah, that happened to me at Arastradero; i caught about seven 3+lb bass on a single day then fell into the lake with my phone that had all the pictures on it. luckily, it survived after i put it in rice