Eyes on fishing rod broke, need specialist to fix! please!

Hey guys, recently i got a brand new lamiglas from my uncle that had it in the garage, but when i received the rod and put it together to check out the setup, i noticed that one of the guide rings on the top half of the rod was tilted to one side. need to find some cheap local specialist to fix. please let me know if you know or if you are able to help and is near the san jose area. I already called mel cottons and fishermans warehouse and they were not able to do it. Thanks!
Coyote Bait has Frank repair all of my rods and guides
Yea your best bet is Coyote Bait and Tackle. I just dropped my rod off there last week. They told me they have a guy who repairs guides at around $8 - $10 a guide, and he picks up and drops off every tuesday, so I would call them to verify, but Im guessing my rod will be done in a day or so and itll be like new. I suggest you do the same.