Felt Lake

Anyone fish here? I heard there is Trophy Bass, because no one fishes it?
Been there...no trophies. Pretty sketchy if you ask me. Trespassing ticket is not worth it.

I've almost got ran over by the cows that run around, twice. no joke. ;D

cool little lake though. too bad it's not public.
Found this on it as well.... not much but a lil something...
http://www.fishingworks.com/lakes/california/santa-clara/palo-alto/felt-lake/#fc Â
Yeah, my friend told me that there is a lot of big lunkers swimming around the dam, but like he said it's not public. But there is trout in there, Stanford University aparantly stocked it in the 90's for an Easter treat for some local church group kids, thats what the grounds manager for the university said in an email. I also read that Steelhead got in there from the Sanfransisquito Creek, I guess the creek reaches the lake some how, but it seems a little unlikely Steelhead would survive in there. But with all the cows, and cops, is it worth it?
Felt Lake is connected to San Francisquito Creek through a diversion off of Los Trancos Creek, a tributary of San Francisquito. The diversion dam is not very efficient at moving peak flows into the reservoir, and has problems with fish passage as well. Steelhead smolt are blocked from entering the diversion by a fish screen, but during high water storm events, anything's possible. I don't think it's deep or cold enough to hold those downstream migrators as resident trout. I've been out there a few times for work, but have seen no signs of bass, big or small.
Is this the place that you have to be a resident of Palo Alto to fish it?
Is this the place that you have to be a resident of Palo Alto to fish it?

No, it's on Stanford property and operated by their Facilities Department. It is private and off limits to everyone.

You may be thinking of Foothill Park, owned by the City of Palo Alto and only open to Palo Alto residents.
There's bass in there ;)
Felt is a good summer lake, get out before the sun goes down and fish until late.
i fished there alot and caught 5 pounders like crazy :). but then i got caught and there's a 9000 $ fine :( luckly they didn't charge 8-) us but i'm not going there again.