Finally DD at Almaden

Well i just couldnt take it , i got my tackle bag switched my reel (have the curado at reelex) grab my rain gear ,gloves and im off to almaden, well once i exit the car it is pouring go to get my rain coat What the hell 2 pair of ain trousers ;( ;( no rain coat ;( ;( ....go to slip on my gloves Waht the hell ;( ;( ;( 2 left handed gloves ;( ;(
well tie on a jig smother it in kickin bass , cast around 40 to 50 nothin but branches and other folks old line ;( ;( ;(

tie on a chartruese rattle trap , 3 casts straight back nothin, 4th cast start yo yo retrive Bam got something is it a branch [8|] ,,,,,(branch starts movin its head) npe not a branch ,,,,,,,bring her in , ITS a Carp , :0 :0 :0 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,are you kidding me a 10plus lber at almaden is a friggin carp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well thats all back home before the wife comes back....never know i was fishin lol lol lol
I thought I lost a MONSTER fish there that broke me off once. Next cast hooked a da mn carp, boy was I relieved that I lost a carp and not a LM.
Well all i can say is Sh____t I was hoping for LM hell i would not mind a blugill but a big ass carp gimme a break ,,,, got your heartbeatin and a story. ;)
You know I love that place for carp fishing... They have some huge as carp in there...
I go there with light to ultralight gear and loosen the drag all the way and wait for the run..
fun fun place to carp to fish for them too.. sad but true..
I can get just as good as a fight on light gear and I can shooting for largies..
Can't knock them carps , you can make your heart race thats for sure...

Didn't you realize that a rattle trap is a carp lure? lol Seriously, I've caught or snagged more carp on a rattle trap than any other lure. Two years ago I caught one 13-14lbs. Last year I snagged one and fought it for over 5 minutes before it got off. I was trying like mad to shake it off because I knew it was a monster - felt way bigger than the 13-14lber. I also tail snagged a 10-11lber last year and just kicked to shore with my kickboat because I couldn't bring it up with my rod. Over the last two years I haven't really been able to fish a lipless crankbait effectively in the heart of Spring because I snagged or bumped into so many carp. Fortunately most were on for only a few seconds.
Calero carp love rattletraps! Snagged a few myself.

I snagged mine with a jig at almaden. I've seen a carp hooked with a hudd in the mouth, don't know if it tried to eat it or it got snagged too. ugly fin fish! lol

Marone, why don't you tell us about that monster bass you thought you had during our first FPT touney [green]
Marone, why don't you tell us about that monster bass you thought you had during our first FPT touney [green][/quote]

jerbs wrote: got your heartbeatin and a story. ;)

Yes sir heart was a beatin [8|] [8|] [8|] [8|] [8|]