First Catch In Salt

I decided to buy a couple crabbin nets and hit Santa Cruz and Pacifica. I stroke out at Santa Cruz only managing to catch a handful of starfish. I went to pacifica and pulled up about half a dozen before losing my net to a support column that my rope got rapped around due to drift (or a sealion batting the cage around.) Not to be discouraged I noticed most of the guys out there using a snare with rod and reel and a local was selling the snares he custom built. Worked out great and landed more crabs. One was a nice large 6.5 inches. I also caught my first fish. It was a small flounder? It was brown with both eyes on one side and white on the bottom. I'm anxious to go after some striper and sturgeon. I hear mcnears is best bet for shoreline?

Whoa, you actually caught dungies on your hoop nets? Way to go man!

I have never seen anyone pull up a keeper from the hoop nets from the times I've gone there. If anything, I have seen more people lose them to the pilings.

Glad you were able to get some dungies. Was it packed on the pier as usual??
good job man.

sorry about the lost net. it happens to the best of us though.

that fish was likely a smaller 'but! congrats. i'd eat him up if he was the right size.

i might do some surf fishing tomorrow afternoon depending how work goes.

been putting in some good hours so hopefully i can escape for a bit.

tight lines!

As for the flat fish, there is somewhat a pretty easy way to tell if its a baby halibut, sand dab, or sand sole which are the likely species you would catch around here.

Halibuts have an arch in the lateral line near the pectoral fins which is very noticeable as the arc looks like a big hump. Halibuts can be right or left eyed.

Sand dabs have a straight lateral line, and are all left-eyed.

Sand soles have a straight lateral line but has a slight arc in the lateral line near the pectoral fins and are right-eyed from what I can remember.

Hope this helps.
Who made you the expert on flatfish???

[green] Just kiddin', that's some excellent info there Won.
houla wrote:
Who made you the expert on flatfish???

[green] Just kiddin', that's some excellent info there Won.

The internet did! hahaha.

But yea, in the past I used to always toss back any flat fish that looked like a halibut because I wasn't sure and didn't want to risk getting cited. Hopefully this information will help others in case they didn't know.