First Smallie!!!!!!!!!

Went out to San Antonio today hearing that the Smallies are up on nest. So got there at 9ish and it was a tought bite espicially cause of the wind. I seen a nice smallie on a bed but lost track of it due to the wind seen some roamers.I look around and see a smallie up in 2ft of water and flip my bait and bam it hits my jighead and I'm like hell yah but next thing you know he spits it out :-?. I worked the fish for a another 20 minutes and land it. ;D Fish might have been only 14 inches but I was glad to catch my first smallmouth.
was it on the south end of the lake Dmun? Have only been once to fish there, many times to camp and party like a rockstar.
Nah it was in the middle sort of.
cool man, went down there and caught a few by the damn, but all really little. Hard fighting though. Congrats!
right on man, they fight crazy huh? :o :o
Man if a 1lber fights hard I wonder what a 2 or 3lber fights like?
they fight like a dump truck. Nothing in my opinoin puts up a better fight but maybe a striper... Only stripers dont have those nice areobatics in the fight...
GRRRR rick i HATE fish acrobatics and you know why.. remember that day prefishing the TS at coyote i had a nice one on a dropshot and it spit the hook.. wow that realllllly pissed me off >:( :( :'(
Finally got the pic of my first smallie. Might not be big but its my first fish off a bed.
lol.....Those are som bad @$$ lookin bass...I need to land one tooo....
dude great job man! i still yet to catch one.