Fish report....they're bitin'

Yeah buddy...everywhere i go is f-in slammin'...had an epic day today at ALP...finesse fishing :)
Nice fish as always. I noticed your collins lake shirt. Im going there this summer. How is the fishing there?
Think I saw you there yesterday. I was the one fishing on the Winfield side. Didn't get a single bite.

Nice fish btw!
Thanks guys...if you ever see me feel free to say one of those friendly fisherman...not one of those rude guys that walk right by with their poles without even a hey or a head nod or just ignore you when asked about their luck...anyways collins lake didnt meet the hype for me...but i hope to go back some time...really popular for trout fishing...peace...
nice fish again. time to watch the video if its there
fished there yesterday for an hour with just a bite.