Fish Scattered all Over 3/14

I was looking for a couple of big ones so I tried to stay away from the shoreline
(where it's dink city for little males) and found one 3 pounder on the outside edge of a flat, and one 4 pounder and another 3 pounder on a rocky point. I kicked back across the lake and BAM! another 3 pounder hit the wieghtless plastic I was dragging behind me (running maybe 3 feet deep) way out in the middle of nowhere.
I didn't find a pattern for the bigger fish (as usual) and settled with playing with a few dinks to 15 inches in shallower water.
Ended up with 10 fish for 20 bites. I cannot find the big ones I have heard/seen in this lake. Should I bring out the Big Guns and throw a Huddy? The water temp is right but I don't know if I can go all day for MAYBE one bite. Or is the swimbait bite better that I heard it is?
I tried crankbaits a lot this time last year and caught a lot of fish to 5 pounds but am trying this year for some bigger action.

Many thanks for any responses!

Oh Yah; The water was about 54-57 degrees and about 2 foot visability. Showers off and on with WARM sunshine in between. Some wind in the shadows of the clouds. Â Almost felt like April! (Except for the bite) Fish were caught from 2-30 feet deep.
Welcome to SJB Dinkcatcher!

Thanks for the reports!