Fishing This Weekend

Hey Guys I am going to be going out at least one day this weekend. I am not sure where to go yet. I was thinking Calero, Anderson or Los Banos Creek. The Delta may be another option also, need to check the weather and see how many tourneys are going on there. I am really thinking of Los Banos Creek all day Sunday, maybe I'll hit up Anderson or Calero Saturday for awhile also. Any one else going fishing? Wouldn't mind seeing a few guys out there.
God I would like to go to LBC, I miss fishing there..........LMK how you do if you go.
I talked to Jr last weekend we he came to party, I think you should talk to him and we should all get together there on Sunday. The weather looks to be nice and I am wanting to go fish there so bad. I'll be fishing a little on Saturday, either Anderson or Calero and then Sunday I'll be leaving early and fishing LBC. I am not sure if I need to get there to early but will be leaving Gilroy by 6 at the latest, you know me more like 5 so I am on the water right at day light. Figure I'll fish until it hurts. I might go have Lunch with the girlfriend, depending on what time she goes through LB, other wise i'll be fishing until Dark probably. Looks to be around 67 on Sunday with winds up to 8mph, sounds like a perfect day to fish, maybe a little clou cover to. Heck I we should pack some food for a BBQ and really enjoy ourselves. let me know. I have some Deer and Duck that needs to be cooked.
I talk to him and far I am watching the weather also........if we fish I know we won't BBq cause we will be to tired and after fishing I like to go home and finish the late afternoon with chores....only have 1 day off so it kinda bites when you got to fish in the morning and chores late in the afternoon.
lbc sounds like a great idea.. haven't had my boat out in a while, too much work.

if i can escape the factory this weekend i may be out there. if i make it out,
i am not hard to recognize.. got a big ass verado hanging off the back of my ride.
Im going to Anderson on Sat or Sunday depends on the weather

Sunday if its going to be good. But Sat might be the best day???
I will know on Friday!! (8-|
Hey Dave hopfefully you make it out. I know who your are, you live down the street from me and around the corner from Bassman. I have the aluiminum Triton on the corner down the way. I've seen that nice Nitro for a few years now and I've seen you up at yote a few times also.
Okay guys looks like a small get together in the making fo Sunday. Hopefully we all can see eachother on the water. I'll be there for sure, and I think Bassman1057 will be there also. Hopefully Sr. can talk to Jr. to going and hopefully Dave makes it out. If any more of you can make it out there, stop by and say Hi. If some more off you guys want, I was thinking of doing a BBQ, maybe in the camping area or Day use area. Lets see how many guys may show up. This is a great place for the wife and kids to come play also. If any one wants to BBQ let me know, we plan to do this around 2pm if you want or earlier or later. What ever works. I know this is last minute, but I am basically going to go fish and have a good time. If some of you guys want to BBQ then that is cool, if not then hopefully i'll see you on the water.
I don't think we are going to lbc.....Jr. does not think it turned on yet....but personally I think he is becoming PW = soon to get MARRIED ... DAM THE LEASH GETS TIGHTER.... lol BUT I THINK HE IS IN DENIAL AND JOE JOE IS STARTING TO CHASE TAIL TOO.....I AM LOSING MY FISHERMAN TO THE LADIES LOL OH WELL THERE IS ALWAYS DIVORCE IN ABOUT 3 TO 4 YEARS LOL j/k LMK how you do Eric...
Turns out I can only go on Sunday. Are you all going to Anderson??

I am going to wait until spawn to go down to the LBC lol
I have no idea if it turned on yet, but I am a feeling that keeps telling me to go there. I might not catch a thing or it might be a good day. The water temp at other areas in valley are heating up quick, take eastman for instance, up to 56 from 48 in a week. And they get snow run off in there was any. I still need to check to make usre it is open also, might be closed if they are releasing water. Hopefully it works out good and I can have some pictures to show Jr. that is has turned on. Wait i wouldn't tell him that, he would be there as much as he could.
can't make it to LBC, work calls... have fun