Flipin The Bird - Holiday Giveaway!!!! Ends 12/19

Hey Guys! Dan from Flipin the Bird was kind enough to send me some birds and since it's a time for sharing I thought it would be best to spread some holiday cheer. Thanks for looking out for SJB Dan! We appreciate it!!

Be sure to visit their website at http://www.flipinthebird.com for complete product information.

I am giving one of these three birds away - YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHICH ONE YOU WANT!!!!

Just post on this thread and you will be added to the giveaway list - ONLY ONE ENTRY ALLOWED. Your entry must be submitted by Sunday 12/19 @ 12:00 PM PST to be counted.

Let the Holidays begin!!!!

i like to flip the bird
I'm in. Thanks!
I want one.
ooh I like the red one!
I wanna slay some toads with one of these man!
good luck to all you guys! i already got enough birds lol. Dan and sam are great guys and come summertime expect some big fish to come on the bird!
Cant wait for the new colors to come out :)
I want to review it. I'm in..
trevor van dam wrote:
Cant wait for the new colors to come out :)

ya it should be awesome. i fished the protoype yellow headed blackbrid and it caught fish. should be a clear lake killer!
I'm in.
[8:) GIMME DAT BIRD YO. Okay thanks.
I'd love to try that baby out....count me in!
Thanks Marce!
Cool Marce...I'd like to win the red and black one!
I have been wanting to try one of the "Flipin The Bird". Count me in on the entry.

Merry Christmas to me!!!! (Hint, Hint)
I like birds..