Flipinthebird thanks SJBASS New colors for members 10bucks

Hi everyone,, This last year has been challenging and exciting! We are humbled by your response to our lure. San Jose Bass has been a driving force in our motivation and enthusiasm. We consider this forum

our home, and all operations are run from my Modest Garage here in San Jose. Sam did a real bang up job creating this lure,he stayed open to advice,did not rush the process, and with his own innovations has created the greatest top water lure to hit the industry in years. I have worked countless hours on

web development, shipping and receiving, marketing/sales, and customer service. Bob Santora and "Cooch" out of the Delta have shared there honest to goodness opinions with others in this region which have helped get the word out here in California.Friends of Sam and Dan who have given so much

while not asking for a single thing in return, and most of all you guys who love to fish top water, who get out there on your local lakes and catch biguns on the Bird we thank you all!

In RETURN We would like to offer all of you who would like one of our new Flip In The Bird Lures that has the new cam action hook and of course new colors for $9.99. All you have to do is email us at

sam@flipinthebird.com and put sjbass member wants a bird for 9.99 in the subject line, and i will

put you on a list for those who get this deal from our sj bass and be the first to own the new colors.
Happy Holidays everyone! May your season be meaningful with joy and laughter. Thank you Dan and Sam From Flip In The Bird Lure Co. The offer will expire on Feb 1st 2012!

You guys need to get this in I-Cast.
It will get ya more advertisement globally and more
Reconization too
Rippin_Lips wrote:
You guys need to get this in I-Cast.
It will get ya more advertisement globally and more
Reconization too

thats already on their to do list.... we are working a booth at the sacramento sportsmans exposition so come check us out!
Yeah we are preparing for icast, we will be in a booth there. For Sure! Thanks Dan at Flip In The BIrd
cool! :)
That color would kill at clear lake! I might have to pick a few up come spring.