FLW Tour

I got 4 guys is the top ten right now, but still a few guys to weigh in. Currently I have 1,3,8,9,25,39,72,82 hopefully Lefebere breaks the top 10 also and gets me in the game. I'll post my final results once its over.
Dang...Nice pickens...you should play the lotto this week with that kinda of luck!!!
So frustrated this week didn't make my picks and stuck with the same line up. GRRRR! Just about had it with fishing. Srew this sport. Good thing I stored all my gear.
Yeah i suck [8|] [8|] nice going cabass
Hope you get into the prizes and money this round. You have a good chance. Go get em!
I didnt do so well I got a few people that are way out didn't even catch 5 fish this sucks My picks are like my fishing not very good
Go get em CABASS, your our only hope, lol!
I got two guys in the top ten
I got four guys in and a few just missed it. I wish I made the one last minute change that I ponderered over. I would have 5 guys in th etop ten if I did. My worst guy finished 90 and besides that every one was 43 or better with 4 guys still fishing this weekend. opefully they all finish in the places I have them picked. If they do then maybe a prize will come my way. Good luck at the next one guys.
Congrats CabassBuster, you got a shot at 100,000.00 you get those exactas and you should be in top 3 for sure, i have 2 in the toppten good luck Cabass
Sorry posted to the wrong board. [red]
Yeah was able to land only 2 in the top 10. I too wish I had re-edited my picks. Thought I had till thurs. night like fantasynascar. lesson learned. Get that cash CAbassbuster...pullin for you!
4 in the top ten is great stuff i saw on westernbass a dude has 5 in the top
man i wish i didnt go back and change some of me picks , bennet sugs,gagliardi
oh well next time GO GET THE CASH CaBass we hope you rock it
Well guys only one guys finished in the position I had him picked. I ended up like 899th place. not that good. I wish I would have made the last minute changes that I thought of doing. At one time Gagilardi was on my list to fish and same with that sinich what ever guy. Those would have been some big moves if I would have had them fishing. Also Hibdon made a big move and if he would ahve fished over the weekend he would ahve probably won hands done, to bad he didn't find those bigger fish sooner.
Ah No worries, thats why its called fishing (fantasy)that is , yeah i made some last minuete changes that sucked, i have noticed go with your gut feelings, not to worry about all the trends , yeah you can take alook make a few picks with that, then follow your gut, stick with your picks ...........................then you dont have to keep thinkin woulda coulda shoulda jazz