Foothill Park

I thought I'd share my past two days at Foothill Park in Palo Alto. First day was sunny and calm. Very warm, water must have been pushing 55 degrees. I took a small inflatable raft out and on my first cast along the reeds, got hit by a 4.5 lb bass. I was fishing a 5" Senko/Dinger/Stick-O (whatever you wanna call em).

Unfortunately, my phone took a dip in the lake when I was getting out of the raft. Luckily, after 24 hours of sitting in rice, it works again.

I went back today, which was very different. Totally windy, so I decided to fish the banks rather than get blown around by wherever the wind feels like taking me in the raft. Only came up with one bass (also on the Senko). Got a few other bites, but that was it. It seems like 12 pm is the best when the weather is warmest.

I'll be back the rest of this week and hopefully pull a few more out. They are definitely in a feeding mode.
looks like a good place for tubin'
nice fish! thanks for sharing.
Is it really residents only there.
Yep grab ya freinds who live in palo alto
is this boronda lake, off page hill rd.?
Yep its Lake Boronda, up Page Mill Road. It is indeed residents only. There are a few pike in the lake as well. Someone released one (or more) and now the DFG is scheduled to electro-prod the lake and take the pike out. I heard a story about a guy who hooked onto something big that chewed right through his 50 lb braided line. I've seen the alleged pike, but the one I saw was 20" at most.
Also, if anyone would like to go there, send me a PM. They rent canoes for $15 an hour. I'm willing to split the cost with someone for a few hours.
that lakes looks sweet. when u are allowed it electric motors only? i ask because i have a bass boat, but can trim up the big motor and get around on the trolling. I would like to set something up with you and in return, if coyote opens, i'll take you on my boat there.
Yeah, they don't allow power boats, only hand-launched boats under 14 ft. But yeah, send me a PM if you'd like to go out on a weekend. It's nice because its never flooded with Bass fisherman (since its only for Palo Alto residents). The bite can be tough sometimes, but right now, its warming up and been fairly consistent.
i fished foothill for the last few years, its really pressured. and the fish litterally are afraid of anything you throw at them. unfortunately its been super run down, but there is the occasional good fish.
i caught a 6 out of there once, and it is still about my second biggest fish.
I'd have to agree with Andre Koch. The small pond at Foothills is super pressured. Once the warmer weather starts, you'll get a lot of guys that live / work in the area start hitting the pond every day. Arastradero is less pressured and easier to catch fish, but it's a bit of a walk from the car. Also, because it is open to the public, it doesn't suffer the stigma of elitism, that is associated with Foothills. The small pond at Foothills is about the same size as West Lake in Santa Cruz, which is limited to children age 16 and younger. There are some bass and sunfish at Foothills pond. However, I think that the interest in it is primarily due to the mystique of the exclusivity.

Tom Stienstra rates it a 2 out of 10 in his book, California Fishing. ( ) My edition is several years old, but I think that's what it rates Boronda. It's a fine lake and good times can be had there. But, I think that the truth is that it is a below average bass fishing lake that has a mystique of exclusivity. It has some fine scenery and wild animals. However, if the goal is to catch bass, it is a below mediocre lake. It's so much better to go to Calero and catch a bunch of bass.

I completely agree that it is deserving of praise for the fantastic scenery and wildlife, but I think that it's good to be realistic about how good of a bass fishery it is and not let the exclusive access make it seem better than reality. It's a small lake that is generally hugely pressured when the weather warms up. The invitation to take someone fishing there and someone asking about a boat with a motor just made me think that there's this inaccurate image that the lake is somehow better than it is, if only people had access to it. I don't want to make it seem like there is no fish there. Bass are in the lake. It is possible to catch bass. However, if you're going to drive a boat over and spend a weekend day at a lake, you may want to consider a lake where there's a higher probability of catching more bass.

Also, if people want to walk in to check out the park and lake, they can access it from Arastradero and assess the reality for themselves. You don't have to wait for a resident to "let you in". So, it's not that exclusive. Just go.

IMO, it is better for community spirit to talk about spots that are open to all. Foothills Park has a huge controversy around it due to the elitism associated with blocking all access to the park from anyone other than residents. I think that giving fishing reports from there is like stoking the tinderbox. At some point, it is bound to offend someone. If you do a Google search on Foothills Park or even look at the entry on Wikipedia, most of the information is going to be about the controversy around access.

I think that the author of the original post was simply sharing his fun trip to the park with no ego. However, I wanted to weigh in that for some readers, the background history of the controversy around access is going to strike a bitter chord that rings of elitism.

Have fun out there and get the best bass fishing wherever you can get it!
holy smoke...what struck you to write that essay? I don't see anyone here trying to make that place seem like its better than it actually is. Matter of fact, it seemed like a friendly thread til you popped in. Your tone seems angry on the subject. Btw, I absolutely love the quote from the definitely get extra credit.