forebay tourney moved to LBC

Saturday night I watched the news and they said 20-30 mph gusts..... they were wrong, probably 30-40mph! los banos was rippin. hard to keep the boat where you wanted let alone make a decent cast. Forebay would have been suicide. Two fish limit I only had one keeper that went 2.2 lbs. Did stay long enough at the weigh in to see a nine pound bag both on a crank. I think this guy was letting the wind troll his bait, cheater! My old man went fishless but it's ok, he doesn't fish for bass very often. If anybody knows the winning weight I'd like to know.
Man it was rough out there I seen you out there. I left early cause it was just crazy.
yeah Dmun it sucked dude, if it had been for some cash, I would have threw the one ounce carolina rig out in the middle of the wind, but it was so hard on the trolling motor to do anything very efficent.
I figured out that the winning bag was 9lbs w/ 6lber. What did you get your fish on?