free entry to anderson tourney

i was suppose to fish the tournament but my partner had something come up and i was really looking forward to fishing it. due to the fact he has the boat im a fish out of water. im willing to pay the whole 150$ buy-in to anybody who wants to fish it but wasnt willing to fork up the bread and still split any profits. ive been fishing since for 15 years and will put fish in the boat given the oppurtinity. if this sounds good to anybody shoot me a pm. the sooner the better. [?]
This sounds like a good deal. Sorry, but I don't know how to pm. I have a boat and was kinda considering this tourny. Can u pm me? And when is the deadline to sign up?
pm sent
Cool, Alright, Good for you! You found a seat...You got me thinking of fishing it now too...
Alright marcus lets do it
how did you guys do?
Me and jt$ didn't fish it together because of miscommunication. My bad jt, but luckily my old partner finally called me the night before the tournament a bit after 8 pm. He had dropped his phone in rum haha and that was my only way to contact him. But we made the decision to show up the following morning hoping Denise would still let us sign up and she did. =) we got our limit for only 6 3/4 lbs. though... Caught about 15-18 fish all day. Pretty good considering the guy in front of me only had two fish and the guy weighing in behind me only had three fish. But first would of been better. Lost two good fish. One 3lber at least as we sawit swim off when he shook the hook. And another good one on a spoon. =( the bite died down quick after 1pm which was weird cause I thought it would of picked up later in the day. But overall had fun and can't wait for the next one!!