Fremont ponds

has anyone fished the ponds on paseo padre there is one on both sides one is a little more steep of a walk. also the ponds on peralta and shinn street i belive they are called the kaiser ponds. any way me and my friends have been fishing both we had a ton of luck at the kaiser ponds nice bass and cats in there but went there today and water was way low and didnt see anything but huge carp. so went to the steep pond on paseo snag a 1 pounder. about 10 min later 8 feet in front of me was a 4 pounder threw a brush hog in and as soon as it hit the water he snatched it up , these are the first 2 fish i ever caught there. was just wondering if anyone else fishes there and if they have had any luck with any other baits
never fished it bcuz the quarry lake map says no fishing, but I've been tempted to and even more so now. All the meat eaters have really hurt the bass population at quarry lakes. it used to be a decent place to fish.
The reason you are having a ton of luck is because you're not allowed to fish there [8:) You can fish Quarry lakes (Rainbow and Horseshoe) and the Shinn Pond area in niles (total of 3 ponds). Hope this helps...hate to see ya get a fine for bassin (8-|