Fresno/Lemoore Fishing

Hey Fellas, I am gonna be going to Fresno/Lemoore area this weekend for my nephews B-Day. Does anyone know of a good place to fish near there? He is turning 10 years old, I want to find a place that is kid friendly. Teach him the ropes, he doesnt have a father figure around so I want to break him into fishing. I think it is something any young man should learn.
Thanks for any tips, appreciate you guys taking the time to look at my post. AND! Happy Thanksgiving! :D
The only waters I've fished around there are Pine Flat Lake and if you want to drive up the hill, Shaver Lake. Pine Flat can be good for spotted bass and Shaver is a beautiful lake known more for it's trout. Of course when I heard there were Smallmouth in it, my focus changed. I caught loads of smallish, scrappy smallmouths on spinnerbaits and darthead worms. They are pretty much considered trash fish up there and no one fishes for em'.
Good luck, and I hope the little guy hooks into something wherever you go.
Millerton lake is right there by Clovis / Fresno too
Great tips guys! Thanks for the quick response. I also hope my nephew catches something, even if I get skunked. Hopefully theres enough time for us to have a good trip.