Friendly Turkey Shoot -- Friday 11/26 @ Calero

Morning Everyone:

I have been a long time member of San Jose Bass, a constant reader of the posts, but have never posted.

My buddy and I were tossing around the idea of having a Turkey Shoot this coming Friday at Calero. It is just for fun. Heading out to the lake with like-minded individuals to have some friendly competition.

I don't want this getting complicated. I want it to be as simple as possible. Here are the details:

We meet at Calero, in Cherry Cove, at 8:30 am. First come, first blast. We blast at 9:00 am. We can discuss the fine print before we blast. :)
Two man boats. Can fish solo, but no more than two per boat.
Best five fish.
Meet back in Cherry Cove at 3:30 pm for results.

If i see you there, great! If not, I will be out there fishing regardless. If you are in for sure, reply to the post so I can get an idea about numbers. I don't want to be waiting around for nothing!!

i would love to go, but i dont have a boat.
I am in, first time ever on calero, but who cares it's just for fun.

I am currently banded for Anderson, does that band work at calero?

I have an open back seat if anybody wants to join me. Email is or call me at 831-801-9768

im down to go if anyone has an extra backseat?
Hey guys,
I have been an appreciative viewer of for the last 2 years but like Justin, I never post. I fish close to 150 days a year, mostly at Santa Clara county lakes, but I also fish competitively with the Future Pro Tour for the last 4 years, which exposes me to many waterways far from SJ. I'm sure many of you have have seen me out at the lakes in my "beat up" ranger boat. she looks like hell, but gets the job done. I'm excited to finally post on the boards and share some info with you guys as i have been a bit selfish in just viewing the forums.

Back to the turkey shoot........

this is a great opportunity to get out and fish and meet some new people. many people have work/school off after Thanksgiving and whats better than fishin??????? Yes its been cold, wet and windy lately, but i have been out in the thick of it the whole week and caught fish at both calero and Anderson. Remember guys, just cuz the weather gets bad doesn't mean that the fish pack their bags and leave.

I am definitely in for the turkey shoot on Friday. Calero is a small manageable lake, but i feel its tough to get a "real" limit in the winter. I was thinking maybe we should move the shoot to Anderson as the bite there is usualy more fisherman friendly in the winter....again just a thought. What do you guys think?

Please reply if you think you can roll out to either lake on friday. this could be an awesome opportunity to meet and fish with some other local bay area bassers!

I am down for either lake.
im down for either lake too... im rolling with fishmyskeeter so im goin wherever he goes
I would love to go...

I would have to bum a spot if someone wouldn't mind me taking up space:)

Will gladly pitch in for expenses...
Boys, I don't understand, 150+ views in 2 days and 5 said they're down, THAT'S IT????. whats the deal???? I'm lookin forward to FRIENDLY COMPETITION without the pressure of MONEY. weather should be great, storm coming in on saturday, winds less than 5mph all day and mostly cloudy. If your worries are about livewells and all that.....don't. We can find ways around it. I would rather see people come out and enjoy the camaraderie than sit at home and wish they went. If it's a boat issue, post on here and we can see if allowing shore anglers in the "shoot" is an option, we're not try to discriminate against those who do not have boats. Should be a blast for those who commit....
maybe i can just compete from shore and take pics of all the monster fish im gona catch as proof. :D
Forrest and I assume Nick B.

Saw you two today. How was it? I would if i could but got work. Goodluck out there.

Guys, Forrest and Nick are sticks, it will be fun fishing against them.

Maybe I will bring my boat to work and head out there afterwards
I might be able to make it
welcome bro, you have a boat Basshawk?.....Back seat open?....let us know
still lookin for a back seat if anybody has one available.
K guys....turkey shoot at Anderson, meet in parking lot at 8 am. If i don't see anyone by 8:15 Justin and I are rollin out and fishing regardless who shows up. Nick.T, get a hold of Erik and make sure he knows the details. My buddy from Salinas may come out and my other bud from Santa Cruz may roll too. I was hoping to see more of a response, but maybe some will show up in the a.m. bring your electronic scales and jackets....gonna be a blast
Keep em' tight
my cell #, ill be up late and up early (408)646-1212
coo ya got a hold of eric and well be at the parking lot by 8
Have fun out there...