Fun times @ Del Valle Dec 31 2012

Well I was able to drop by Del Valle with Brad and Ron aboard the Jaguar. My first fishing trip on the BCB since we brought it into California, from Washington, and we fish a lake with a speed limit. Won't be getting on plane here! Not going to let Brad live this one down...he also forgot the boat keys. We discovered this about 1/4 mile from the gate. 3 of us fishing and not one of us thought about the boat rediculous! Surprised we remembered the plug. (8-| I towed Brad's boat with my truck, so his spare set was where?...In his truck! lol
Powered by only the MG, I managed to scrape one last fish up to end the 2012 year. Narrows with a 3/8 moss green flip jig w/ #420 sweet beaver and ProCure real craw scent @ about 5 ft. Water was stained...


Damn that sucks bro! (the keys, not the fish lol). Every boat owners done it wether it be keys, plugs, etc. Ive pulled out of the driveway with the battery still in the garage on the charger lol, luckily didnt get far before i remembered. Its a good looking ride!
Nice fish to end the year.
Ahh good times them stories will last a lifetime laughing over a beer over that !!!
Got the "left the keys at home" beat!

Last Saturday, went Sanddab fishing w/ my budy Fish Boy, we put them in a 5 gal. bucket. When we finished up I was straiting up on the way in, put the lid on the bucket & went to dump the water out, lid was not on well enough, it came off & I dumped a 5gal bucket full of Dab's back into the water! With the left over frozen squid! [red]

Fished for another hour to get Fish-Boy enough Dab's for dinner.

Wasen't all bad though, got another Soupfin shark!