Gary Dobyns at Coyote Bait's Satuday

Gary will at Coyote Bait and tackles this Saturday to promote his new line of rods. We will have both Champions and extremes in stock. Plus we will pay the tax!
What time?
went to coyote bait and bought my swim bait setup got the curado 300 and an okuma rod. also bought the new catch 22 8" trout ready to go huck some swim baits now. I am super stoked.
I think you made a nice choice with the reel...not too current on the better rods. I am still shopping for one, and I am wanting to get that 300 Curado reel too. Absolutely love the 201E7. How much did you pay for your reel and where did you piurchase it at? Of course I want the best price...I do have Asian blood, lol.
I got it at coyote bait it was 223 out the door I got the rod because the okuma guy sold me on it talked with him for a while I am going to go huck some swim baits in the morning because I am working until like 11:30 tonight I go the XH on the rod so i can chuck the larger swimmies
Slooow and steady GP [green]