general question with weeds and jig/TR/Carolina rigs.

Note: I fish from the banks.

Tried a 4" grub with a 1/4 oz bullet jig at coyote the other day, just tied to the end of my line directly and no other stuff. Every time I pulled it in, it had weeds on it. Same goes for a Texas rigged brush hog with a bullet sinker. I didnt get hooked into the weeds, but almost every cast I had to clean it off.

Carolina rigged stuff would get weeds on the sinker but the plastic was usually in better shape.

Is this how it's supposed to be or is this the downside to bankin it? I try to look for a break between the weed line to reel through but still, bottom is weedy. Should I even bother to clean it off or do the fish like the camouflage?

I would have to say that this is one of the downsides of banking it. Not being able to fish the outside edges of the weed lines. Switching to the caroling rig is a great idea.

Of course this can be very relative to the spots you are fishing as well. Some banks will hold more weeds than others. If you are at the spots on the lake that are on the opposite ends of the dam(s), then there will be more weeds and shallower water.

If it is possible on the lake you are fishing, I would say that you should look for some deeper water with rocks and drop offs.

I am selling my pontoon so if you are interested, I will sell it really say 150 bucks?!
Thanks dude. I see some bigguns out there still from the banks but just takes more hiking.

I'm thinking about boats at the moment. Need to figure out where I can keep it and if my old truck will survive towing it. Would be nice to have.

Trophy Hunters!! (Aluminum Boats)

I love aluminum boats for the lakes around here. Look on craigslist man...I also hear Jerbs is selling the SS Jerbs for 100.00 with a motor. You should hit him up.

Lot of toads caught on that thing. Here is a pic of it...


i've thought about starting small like that! No need for the camry though.

but to keep the girlfriend interested, it'll end up being something like a tri-hull open bow so she can drive and it wont be for just fishing. shat loads on craigslist, i agree.

Ahh Jerbs can't sell the SS Jerbs. That thing should be in the Smithsonian after that epic day at Coyote where he busted a 45lb+ 5 fish sack. Not to mention the Hudd fish. [green]
hahah... lol lol smitsonian...haha.

yeah, I caught more DD's out of that thing then my boat and toon combined. I am selling it: canoe, gas motor, elec. motor, and fishfinder for $200.
i'll buy that any day! where will you sell it?
Mods--title change to jebs boat for sale.

haha...sorry dude! Ripping your lures through the weeds triggers many strikes. Next time, watch the poof of stuff when you rip something out of the weeds. It looks like something scurrying to get away.
Whats up with the toon any pics marone?Interested
miguel you should be after loosin all those hudds from the bank lol [8|] Seriously, you loose soooo many less baits when your on the water. I refuse to throw a hudd from the shore, unless I'm throwing parallel to the shore.
ya im limited to the shore for now but i gotta throw them swimbaits only way imma get a dd.Starting to learn them. Getting a few hits nothin major started noticing them after the hudd is gettin battle wounds.
I'll send pics it is just chillen in my basement, webs all over it...

I'll PM you.
jig can catch dds at coyote.