ghetto fishin

went home for the holidays down town Stockton-- me and my cousin went out to hit up some of the old spots - first spot louis park aka dads point smith canel delta -- kinda -- so we bust out the bait runners and the shad, dead tide 1:00am super shady but he's been catching fish so -- caught a coulpe of blue cats and decided to move on -- went to ladds marina back water and caught 8 mud suckers then drove to brookside lake still in the delta lots of lakes over by the port now it s 4am pack up and head for march lane bridge tons of homeless sleeping -- the best kind-- 4 mud suckers left and like maybe 6 beers so - get the suckers in the water not three min. in bam reel starts screeming set hook get em in 18in. (pics coming) next my cousin hooks up small fish we keep fishing even though were out of beer and mud suckers i hook up two shad on a hook and toss it out while my cousin fishes with a rattle trap i was taking my glacoma meds when he starts screaming at me to run up and get the net- i look around we don't have a net - be beaches the fish on this big rock and grabs it hes super muddy but he has a good fish 14lbs( pics coming) ---theres lots of places to shore fish for stripers bait runners rock-- GB
cant wait for the pics!!
Gotta love the "glacoma meds".