GhostSalyer & Winddog, Santa Cruz 10/11

Hey all
Ghost Salyer & I hit the Dog bone out of Santa Cruz last Saturday, weather was nice & the water was a bit chunky. ( 2-3' wind chop on top of 5-6' ground swell) wind stayed down till late afternoon.
Ghost Salyer was the highlinner with a nice keeper Ling a few nice size Rock Fish. I on the other hand got one nice brown RF. I did bring 4 different hitch hickers to the surface ( Lings that is) Was crazy bringing these guys up from 90' and seeing they just had half the bait in their mouth. One even did the death roll on the surface before deciding to let go.
We al so saw some pilot whales up close ( 100-150' away) at one point I look out & here comes a pilot whale coming straight at us, I watched it dive about 50' away from us still coming straight at us. Next thing I know GhostSalyer's has something big on his rod, drags screeming & everything! He breaks off before I could get the motor started & give chase. Now when I was trying to start the motor I had not yet realized that it was a whale he had snagged.
Was a great day with great company!

I'll post up some pics of GS ling & my hitch hickers tomorrow. We got no whale pictures.
Nice work guys! The capt will put you on fish...big fish...even whales! [green]

Looking forward to the fish porn guys.
That's a whale of a tale!
houla wrote:
That's a whale of a tale!

It was a fluke! [green]
Here's some pics.
Ghost Salyer, just noticed the quality of your picture, rest assured that the ships photographer will recieve a flogging for the quality of your picture.
GhostSlayer and his fish look rather ghostly. lol
Cool hitchhiker pics!
It was, as it always is, a great trip.
Capt. Steve and the Lil' Bone got us on the fish.
Hooked up the one keeper ling and a few other smaller ones...then no ling love for me after that.
Also got a few rock fish and a greenling.
The Cap got quite a few hitchhikers which was pretty cool to see. I've never seen a ling hold on to another fish for that long with out being hooked...let alone multiple lings.
Seas were a bit choppy but that's what makes it an adventure.
All in all a great trip in the books with awesome company.
Thanks for the ride brotha!

Did you end up landing the hitchhikers?
norcalfisherman925 wrote:
Did you end up landing the hitchhikers?

No didn't even try, I mostley catch & release. I believe we could have gotm' in the net though.
Very cool pics. Thanks for the report
very cool trip guys.

as you can tell...i'm fiending for fishing which is why i'm looking at old posts! haha

although, i've had some perch'n trips late this past year and early this year...need. more. fishing. time.