Going Fishing - Lake Tulloch 02.05


I'm heading out to Lake Tulloch here in the very near future and my experience there is somewhat limited. I have never fished there in Feb., so I was hoping someone from SJB may know (or know someone) what may work best out there right now.

If you have any information please post it here.

Thanks in advance, and as always, tight lines.

we rented a cabin there not to long ago 50 bucks a night not to bad and we fished pretty hard and everyone there that was fishing was not having a lot of luck but so long as you just keep looking for the fish and flipping the shore you will produce there. my brother and i go there and free dive and there are a lot of bass there and pretty big ones here and there. we find the most that we see are about ten to fifteen from shore and steep drop off have numbers just hangin around 10 to 12 feet down. our best lure there has been a bd mini gitzit pumpkinseed it will trigger the small and large mouth bass and by far our best producer. you can vertical jig it or just a slow 5 or 6 inch pop on the retrieve and they tear it up. best of luck wish i had more info for you but i have fished that lake since i was 9 and thats the best i can do lol for the winter report.
Awesome!! Thanks for the information. Looks like its supposed to rain this weekend, but I'm going to fish regardless.

Thanks a bunch for the post, I appreciate it!

you bet good luck let me know if you have any luck out there its one of my favorite lakes to fish.
When we got there on Friday I realized that the boat battery (not the trolling motor batteries) was dead. That pretty much ruined my chances of getting out on the lake on Friday....

We got on the water Saturday morning at about 10:00, and it was a monsoon. It rained, and it rained hard for the first 2-3 hours while on the water. I spotted some suspended fish on the fishfinder, tried some spoon action but couldn't get a bite. We then moved into more shallow water (Black Creek) and I noticed there was a TON of top water action. By the way the fish were attacking the surface I knew it wasn't bass, it was trout and plenty of them.

Had we had some trout gear we could have had a field day out there....

Anyhow, I landed a REALLY nice rainbow on my wacky rigged senko and about an hour after that my buddy hooked into the biggest trout I've ever laid eyes on. He was drop-shotting on the back of the boat and he at first he thought he was snagged. Then his line peeled right and I got a glimpse of the monster. I immediately jumped back to help him, and I was guiding him through the process.

We had the trout up at the boat, and I had both hands on it when "ping!" the hook snapped and the fish slowly swam away.

My buddy, who doesn't fish all that much was so excited. He was just happy that he caught something and brought it up to the boat. I, on the other hand, was so disappointed that I lost it. I was thinking we'd be having fish tacos that night, but nope!

After that my buddy caught a largemouth on his dropshot, and I caught one on the same wacky rigged senko that I caught the trout on. Water was 53 degrees with about 7 feet of visibility.

I can't wait to go back when it gets warmer.... I'm thinking the huddleston HAS to work out there.

Peace. Tight lines.