going fishing

Going out to Calero tomorrow so if anyone wants to meet up hit me up. Im leaving from Hollister around seven
Got here around 9 and fished to 4. Had no bites until around 12 on a swim bait. Had one on all the way up to my toon and as i was grabbing the net, it came up out of the water and hit the toon and came off. I guess i didnt set the hook good enough. Talk to one other guy and he said he got a few dinks. Also waht do you guys use to slow the drift down on your toon? I have an anker but i was thinking about a drift sock. What do you guys think.
I think that was me you talked to bro and it was 17 dinks by the way. I think three of them were from 2-2 1/2 lbs, rest were under two pounds. Jerk bait was slaying the little guys. Oh yeah, I think there are spotted bass in Calero. Was looking at one of my fish and noticed it looked different from the rest. Jawline was shorter, coloring was a little different and sure enough the rough spot on the tongue. Hybrid maybe? Weird, how did he get in there.
I'm pretty sure I've caught spots at lbc and anderson.
yeah ive caught one somewhere else but i couldn't remember where. Wasn't a "spot lake". Somewhere local. have caught them out of Nacimiento
are they spawning yet