Going to Pyramid Lake

Well I finally am going to make it up their this weekend!!
Get me some big Trout :)

Have any of you ever been??
Any suggestions??

Im Taking the 6 foot ladder and waiters and a ton of Beer ;)
Ummm talk to the trout experts... JimmyG and KEV..
Im sure they have some power biat or something like that...
Sorry guys... your cursed with the trout tag. :D
Hate to say it but you should check out the sniffer for some info about trout fishing there. lol Be careful of the regs, I've heard they are a little different since it is an indian reservation.

There are bass in there as I've heard about bass tournaments there.
JimmyG knows all about trout from hatchery to wild trout, But he only uses powerbait.
LOL Powerbait

We will be fishing from shore ...get out as far as you can then get up on the ladder
and cast out spoons and throw some spinners as well as fly fish.

Thats what the plan is anyway!! Checked the other site. Dont like that place ...just a bunch of self richeous guys who dont have much to say except what they caught last weekend!! LOL