gone fishn

goen to almaden around 12ish should be a good day
too bad we got skunked :( >:(
What were you guys using?
we used jigs, dropshot rigs, crank baits and i even threw out the swimbait for a bit had one hit on the big but it was really fast haha but ya slow day
you should of taken my advice and fished the backside of the island ;D anyways im going out everyday next week while your at baseball. i cant let you be 2 up on me anymore ;). ditch thursaday and go to little pinonche with my dad and me. well nail em
i got a damn game ditch class tomorow and we can go!!!!! iam haha dude baseball game saturday monday tuesday thursday and friday!!! ummm tuesday is at 8 so im done at like 11 we can go hit up anderson or calero if the weathers nice