Good Luck SJSU!

Lots of luck at the FLW Nationals Tourney. Bring home the Grand Prize! ... ck_check=1
Pretty Cool article!! Good Luck Boys. Make San Jose Bass Proud!
I know they will represent! Anthony no albrights for you dude!! haha hella jk..but really no albrights...bring it home bro!
Anthony's mug is on the front page of today's Merc
Thanks guys I am about to hit the sack. Today was practice. The conditions were rough. I got a few bites, so I am hoping the water rises in order to be on the right pattern.

Todays conditions:
Water Temp: 57.8 degrees
Air Temp: 72 degrees
Wind: S winds 30+ mph

Today I also speared a big 7ft roller, took forever for the bilge to pump out all the water. The water had about 5-6ft rollers all day long.

Thanks again, i hope to make all you proud!!!

Weigh ins at 2pm on

The layout is pretty intense. It looks like the forest wood cup.
Good luck man!
Good luck Anthony! Rip some lips!
SJSU have two in the boat! ... m?tid=6732

Good luck guys!
Today the weather was great the water increased by 1ft. I caught 12 today. Only two were keepers. Lots of short 14.5 inch bass. I lost two fives flipping. But if I fish hard tomorrow I should have 15-20 pounds tomorrow.