Grant Lake

Hey has anybody fished Grant Lake?
Yup..All I can tell you is that it use to be an amazing body of water and it has gone downhill in a MAJOR way the last 5-10 years. Use to be able to go there and have 25+ small fish days, and catch at least half a dozen to a dozen on every trip. Never caught anything over 3lbs but what a lake for a young kid to learn to bass fish at. I stopped going there about 3 years ago when i went 5 times in a row throughout the year withought catching a single fish. I have seen more "people" keep every fish they catch at this lake than anywhere else in the bay area. It really is a shame that they dont check people for undersize, overlimit. I have been there literally a hundred times and never been checked. I once saw 2 "guys" with a 5 gallon bucket completely full of bluegill, crappie and undersized bass.

My advice to you would be to try Mcreary Lake up the road another few hundred yards. Its best during the spawn, and there are some hogs in there! Access is pretty tough around most of it, but if you soak plastics long enough you can usually catch a fish or two every outing.

Beautiful park, but watch out for the pigs, they get uncomfortably close to you on the trails. Once turned a corner on the main lake and got in between a sow and some of her little ones. Almost crapped myself and literally sprinted out of harms way as she was snorting and ready to charge.
hahaha, hey jimmyg. if you read this, lets go to grant lake!!!
Went there once on a raft. Didn't see the NO BOATING sign lol . Got caught by park ranger and had to carry the raft from one end of the lake to the parking lot. Luckily he didn't give us a ticket. Lesson Learned: Read signs!

Anyways was fishing with wax worms didn't get a single bite. Lots of bullfrogs there though.
Wow alot of bullfrogs