Grant Ranch Lake Mt. Hamilton?

I am going to be coming up on a couple of days off here and I was thinking of hitting that place up, it's been years since I fished there last. Please PM me with your recent reports or opinions of this pond as I am looking for a place to put my youngest on some bass/gills. If you have any other suggestions I am all ears. Thanks SJB!
It's sucks that this place is super low but fish are still biting. I would do to the back pond. A lot of bluegill in there as well. You should probably fish weedless because it's super veged over. Good luck and let us know how you do! Peace!
Grant is a good place to fish, the bucket brigade is usually out there though.
Anyone fish here recently? water level does not seem too bad considering the extent of the drought, noticed a lot of bait fish, not too much surface action though.
No I have not been out there for a long time. Grant Ranch lake was one main lakes I used to fish as a child and one of the biggest disappointments in terms of how much pressure has affected the bass and blue gill fishery there. When I was younger the size of the blue gills that had come out of there dwarfed the sizes from other nearby lakes in comparison, but it does seem to be the trend that once word gets out about a place things tend to go down hill from there. There is a secret in that area that I think is still untapped because I have not heard anyone mention it here or anywhere else for that matter.