had a blast in the bay!!!

The girl wanted to do some shark fishing today so I took her and the dog out for a day on the bay... What a blast!!! I forgot how fun it was to hook up with 30+ lb rays and big 'ol leopard sharks. Got some nice rays on the incoming tide, and all the shark action we got was on the outgoing, we all had a blast, she even took some video of a nice hook up of the big shark of the day.... ;D ;D






tried for some striper action but was having too much fun with the sharks and the rays. It was great, had a double within 5 minutes. going back out on sunday... will have more pics.
Nice Rick...we gotta go ;)
Any time JimmyG!!!

Went out again today, and caught 15 rays and only 1 shark, but havent got a seven gill in a long while so it was nice. :) :) they got the mean teeth!!!! :D :D

What part of the bay were you fishing? Were you using squid for the sharks? The last time I went shark fishing was on a charter out of the Berkley Marina...5 years ago.


P.S. - JimmyG, we should take your boat out!
I wouldnt waste my money on fishing from a boat  for sharks and rays. But if your looking for species like halibut and sturgen then a boat is the way to go. Squid worked great for the rays but today was all anchovies.

I live in Fremont and I only went about 5 miles away... a lot of the bay will produce if you time it right... ;) ;) ;)
DUDE! RICK!! I have never viewed this post. GREAT PHOTOS man.

You need to get me out there one of these days...

Hey Marce, no prob man! I will check out some times that would be good to go and let everyone know....

I have been rippin them up out there using my swimbait rod and 20lb test latley.
What a blast!!!!

I'll keep you udated on some times to get out there with us....

That's BAD A$$$......Rick.....

Dang now I gota go out with ya.....Lets plan something...That hella looks like fun man......

Nice fish by the way....Hold em right next time!!!!! LIP'em.......LOL.........

hahahahahahahahhaa.........Serious tho hit a nig up and lets do this!!!!!!

what part of the bay were you? in the dumbarton i only catch a few fish but that spot looks great.
there are nice spots to catch sharks and rays all day not to far form dumbarton.

theres all that shore line north of the pier, then coyote hills in fremont has nice shoreline that has the alameda creek flowing into the bay, all of the hayward shore, and across the bay there are some great sand bars next to the highway 92 bridge.

Most of my spots were found by getting out there and taking a chance. I would just go explore spots without my gear first. Sometimes hike for hours to find new spots.

The cold weather will bring out good fishing from the bay. Been hearing the're setting the hook on the stripers from dumbarton pier.
Nice Fish like Jr. said maybe will make a day soon pick a sunday and maybe will all go....Jr. can take his old lady too.........Like Jr. said Lip them bad boy's.........lol
Nice Pics Rick, you evr hit up coyote point? i have caught some 7 gill out there big ones man spool ya and spool the added spool ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then loose em in the rocks ;(
hey thanks. Yes I've been out to coyote point. I have had better luck at some of the other spots I found, and dont head out that way very often any more.

If anyone is diehard enough, bring out your 20lb test line and a good wind breaker, It will be a blast!!!!

Here's the tide for this weekend.... Looks like a great time to head out.... Best time would be Saturday morn 3 hours before the high tide..... LMK!!!!

Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

Sa 13 High 1:23 AM 6.7 7:15 AM Set 8:33 AM 99
13 Low 6:06 AM 3.0 4:51 PM Rise 6:06 PM
13 High 11:44 AM 9.0 13 Low 7:17 PM -1.9

Su 14 High 2:12 AM 6.8 7:16 AM Set 9:26 AM 97
14 Low 7:01 AM 3.0 4:51 PM Rise 7:23 PM
14 High 12:36 PM 8.8
14 Low 8:06 PM -1.7