Happy new year!! Anybody getting a good piece of bass lately

As expected its been tough workin the banks...nabbed one or two last month :( I need some inspiration..post up
If you have had any luck...dont need to know where...just knowing they are being popped gives me hope... And I have included a picture of a new lure I can't wait to try!!
Nice catch. Those gantarels are sick!!!! Super sweet action. I know the feeling. Just got a new lure I can't wait to try. Now for a report. Anderson has been good to me and my buddy. Not super hot action. But 3-6 fish per outing. Gat a 3 pounder last week. Buddy got a 4 pounder. Went to coyote last week for a skunk. But I was throwing hudds and glide baits for a little over 5 hours. Coyote is still open for boating. My friend says Lexington and basins have been hit or miss lately. Hopefully this rain keeps up and the water levels start to rise. Going to coyote tomorrow. Hopefully the weather and the fish cooperates.
Here are some new things I'm working on and I have another sweet lure coming in for topwater time.
I went to Coyote last Saturday and did not have a single bite.
I might have to check out Anderson.
Happy New Year guys! I haven't posted in a long time but check the site all the time. I fished Berryessa in my kickboat before Christmas. Got an 8 1/4lb, 5lb, and 3 1/2lb spot. Just over 20lbs total. I went to Anderson one day after that and walked the bank for nothing. Fishing seems to be tough around here if you are not on a boat. Hope you guys have a great year of fishing!
Thanks guys...i knew i wasnt the only nut out there still tryin' to slay em...!!!
southbayareabassman wrote:
Here are some new things I'm working on and I have another sweet lure coming in for topwater time.

Careful with the umbrella rigs. California only allows 3 lures on one line. Maximum of 3hooks too. Just FYI.
Thanks joeyand daddy I know that's why I only have 3 baits that have hoops on them. The others are fakes
Southbaybassman, my favorite A-rig set up is one with two willow blades. I use one with exposed hooks though on smallish jigheads. The thing runs perfect, with the blades being much lighter it will always run with the baits down. When I have dummy baits on they tend to twist and sometimes my baits with hooks aren't running on the bottom.
Thanks tincan
It's here can't wait the other color should be here any day now
Here's a few more big fish lures I'll be tossing around the local watering holes this year