Happy New Years to ALL..Girlfriends Montage

Girlfriend out fished me this year....Heres a glimpst of what we caught in 2011...ENJOy!

that was awesome , she's a keeper !!!!!
sounds like she takes YOU fishing !
My wife goes on the boat , then complains --to hot ---to cold ---to windy -- to many bugs --etc......
happy new year,
Great video seems like you have a good fishing partner, make sure you don't throw her back, and hope that she doesn't release you! Good luck this year, hope its the best for both of you! Tight lines.

man, we are gonna have to double date/fish... i need my lady to learn from your lady so I can fish more =)
Yes i am very lucky to have a woman that likes to fish more than i do...Thank you all for the great compliements..

Lewis, anytime bro...just let me know...only problem is that my lady is in the zone while she is bass fishing...ill end up loosing her because she wants to find fish...but anytime peir fishin..