Happy trails Loop_Dad

Hey Loop_Dad
Happy trails to you & best wishes for your new life in Texas ( Ya know you have to get a cowboy hat & boots now ;) )
Make sure ya post up lots of pics of them big ole' Texas bass.
I have insider information that he may be considering other, even more exotic locations than Texas, and have already reserved my space on his couch when I visit.... [green]
Good luck man, I hope to join you some day in the Exodus from California.
No, you didn't...a thread for me, Winddog? I'm embarrassed [red]

Thanks for wishing me luck, guys. :D

The exotic place houla is talking about is 'maybe' and 'down the road'. For now, Austin Texas. So far with my research, the fishing appears to be pretty good. I'll post up and if one of your SJB hommies happened to be in town, hit me up.

There are so many nice guys here in SJB which I'll miss. One regret I have is that I didn't put much effort to meet up with other members because I figured I'd run into you guys. But I guess I didn't / couldn't go out enough, now I have no time.

Happy Fishing!
loop dad ,
good luck with your move , you can always stay in touch via the website .
keep a tight line , have fun .