so i decided to make a hat cam thing. I have a flip video and always forget to use it when I am out so I think this might help a little.
Nice idea...would like to see some footage! Do yourself a favor and put a chin strap on that hat, so you don't loose it overboard.
it fits like glove i just put it on a little tight so it wont fall off. If I go out duck hunting over the weekend I will post up a few vids. I need to get my boat reg befor I think about taking it out. but when I do there will be a ton of videos of me getting the skunk like always
I took some video of my hunting trip this weekend didnt turn out the way I thought I would be a better hat for fishing. Every time I would aim to shot a bird the camera was pointed straight at the pond and not in the air. Kind pissed me off I was super stoked on a double I shot and watch the vid and all I see is the shells ejecting from my gun. I am goingto try and midify it befor I go to klamith next monday. Does any one have any ideas on how to fix this problem?