headed to quarry lakes on sunday

Any one have any info ?? Would be appreciated gonna give trout a try this sunday wasn't planning on going till February but going this sunday so any help would be great......
Hey southbayareabassman!

I was there yesterday morning for a couple hours trying for trout and nothing! (as usual from me at quarry :( )

I was fishing from the bank ~100 yards from the ramp. Tried bubble gum mice tails and chartreuse / rainbow power bait. Didn't see much activity except for two little ones pulled out by a man using orange worms i think. Other than that the morning was dead (as far as I could see).

Sign in the kiosk said the most recent plant was on Dec 2nd or 3rd, can't recall exactly.
Thanks bro I know a few spots that I do well in just wanted to see what kinda action is happening. Well if ur out there Sunday am let me know I'll let u know where I'm at and I'll see if I can get u in a few lol. I have a few secrets up my slave if u know what I mean