Heading out to Quarry Lakes tomorrow

Any good spots on horseshoe lake for trout? Any tips?

Never been here before. Trying it for the first time.
I've been trout fishing there a lot lately but what you want to use is:
i think its called spring green powerbait
try white berkely power worms and a white power egg
SECRET: dip your bait in cod liver oil and make sure it floats

pink tasmanian devils (this thing is a trout killer)
kastmaster (1/8 oz in gold/black with some red spots)

spots: figure out where the shallow water gets deep. I dont wanna spot burn. Good luck
Went there today. Forgot my powerbait >:-( . So I used all my lures today. No bites. Spent aprox 7 hours fishing, 2 hours walking around.

It was slow for everyone. People who caught some got them on powerbait. There are some FAT trouts there. Way bigger than the 1-2lbers the DFG plants.

It's a beautiful lake though, I'm glad I went.
I used to fish in Quarry quiet often. I was doing good in rainbow for bass but the fish are getting less lately because of people keeping their bass. If you fish in horseshoe lake, I would suggest bring two poles with 2nd pole stamp. Therefore you can have one rod for bait and other rod for lure. 1/4 gold kastmater was the key for me. Let it sink to the bottom and slow retrieve back. Don't be surprise if you catch smallie from this method. Me and my buddies used to catch tons of smallies in horseshoe and rainbow. Good luck!

Try either side of the swimming area for trout. Use white or yellow power egg.

P.S. there is also a lot of carps in there. Bring some sweet corn next time if you want to have some fight with those monsters.!.