Hello, I've been surfing this board for a little while, since I got back into bass fishing, and finally decided I should join. You all just sound like a bunch of addicted bass nuts like me!

Anyway, I guess I finally have something to contribute. I got to go fishing today with the excuse that I needed to teach my five year old son how to cast his new spinning reel. ;)

As he was flailing away with his "new" outfit, I was casting a carolina rig brush hog and caught a nice five pounder for the first fish of 08.

I didn't catch another fish, but would like to here if anyone else was doing any good out there today. I saw a few bass boats, and some kayaks,and I just want to know if it's getting close, or was that fish a fluke?
welcome to the sjb site there is alot of info about the nearby lakes and lots of good guys willing to let you know whats working and not this is a great site great to see you taking you son out there to fish i remember the first time i took my son fishing he caught 2 bass and a couple of trout and boy its something i will always remember :) good fishin len
Hey there fishindad. I was out there in my kickboat and only had two bites the whole time, missed um both. Water temp was 48.5 in the morning and it warmed up to 53.5 by the afternoon. I think you caught an early pre-spawner. Good job! ;)
Welcome aboard, fishdad. Good to see you here! 8-)
Thanks guys. Hopefully I'll have something to contribute often!
Welcome Fishindad!
Welcome to SJB BRO!!!!!! 8-) 8-) 8-) ;D
Alright Fishindad, hope to see ya on the water!!! 8-)
Welcome to SJB BRO!!!!!! 8-) 8-) 8-) ;D

Thanks again. Hope to see you guys out there. And come on prespawn!!!!!
welcome to sjb
Awesome! You are doing better than me >:( No bass for 08 so far. But it will be a good spring this year.