Hellyer for Blue Gill?

Howdy folks. ;-) Happy Friday.

So my kids are off next week for Spring Break, I'll be home with them on Monday. They both asked to go fishing that day! I'd take them to Yote but would really like to get my daughter on some fish.
My son's at the point were he likes fishing enough to keep fishing during a skunk but my daughter looses interest pretty quickly.
I thought some good old bobber & worm fishing for BG might be in order, any body know how the BG are biting at Hellyer?
I used to do the same thing when my kids were little .
Bluegill come up shallow in the summer , not so sure they are easy pickens this early .
I would take them to Anderson . The bass will be shallow and should be easier to catch .
If you can't get them on plastic worms (senko's and Bhogs ) , take some minnows .
unfortunately no i dont see any blue gil at hellyer. better luck at a bigger place.
I used to get tons of bluegills at Hellyer with worms. Nonstop.. but that's like 10 years ago. Don't know if they're still around.

Went biking there last year and saw some kid catching something there but didn't stick around to see what it was.

Just try it there Winddog.. there's something there cuz I always see ppl fishing there when I bike.

Good luck and post pics.