Help needed. learning how to fish

My son is interested in learning how to fish and I have no clue how to help him. I use to fish as a kid but that was on the east coast in lakes and rivers. Even then I wasn’t very good at it and just used a bobber with a worm on a hook.

I know I need a fishing license but besides that I don’t know whats up.

I was going to take my son to Oyster Point or the jetty in Half Moon Bay. I have a rod and reel I use for crabbing. What type of bait/lures should I use? What type of hooks? I’m sure the answer will depend on what we are hoping to catch but I really have no clue.

How old is your son? What type of fish are you looking to catch?

Since you mentioned a couple salt water spots, some general beginner advice: start with a simple hi-lo rig where you tie two hooks onto a line with a sinker at the end of the line. The hooks can be attached with dropper loops. You should be able to Google the above and get some pics for ideas. Id say a hi-lo rig is the beginner rig that can cover 80-90% of situations.

For bait, can’t go wrong with using natural frozen bait. Easy to acquire, affordable, and will catch fish if they’re around. Try both market shrimp and market squid and you should get bit. You can buy small quantities from Asian super markets.

With that said, the winter time is probably not an ideal time to start a beginner on. If you’re really jonesing to wet a line, you can target some perch using shrimp in the various bay piers. In my experience the closer you get to the mouth of the bay, the better (eg. SF piers > South Bay piers like Oyster Point)

i’d stay away from Oyster Point - never had any luck there in the winter

where are you located? there’s probably some other spots near you that can have some better winter action. HMB is probably okay, and if you’re willing to brave the winter surf and cold then perchin’ in the winter can be great too.

he is 10 and we are looking to catch anything. it would be his first time out so anything would be fun for him.

thanks for the suggestions.

we are in the pennisula. HMB is ok but kinda intimidating for a newbie. he wanted to fish the bay since we usually dont see too many people there