Henry Coe Park????

Can I get the lowdown on this place? Where is it? Do they allow 'toons? What works there?
Not sure if they allow toons, but I can tell you it's a hell of a long hike to get to fishable water if you're carrying a toon. Leaving from the visitor's center, it's a little over an hour's hike to get to the closest pond (frog lake.) If you want to fish the bigger lakes, Coit and Mississippi lakes, you'll need to plan to do an overnighter.

If you're a hiker, it's a great time. I've never caught big fish there, but the waters are not easily accessible and therefore not very pressured.
Once a year, they allow (by a lottery permit process) cars to drive deep into the park and camp. I did it about 3 years ago with a buddy. From there, it was about a 20 minute hike to a lake that probably never sees people all year! The lake was small (probably about 2 blocks long and half a block wide). My friend caught **30** bass if memory serves me right! They were all in the 1-2lb range.

Have they closed it yet? What time of year do they do this?
I seem to remember that it was in the summer when they have their 'one weekend for cars'. You have to submit an application a LOOOONG way in advance to try to get the permit.

They only allow cars ONE weekend a year as far as I know. When we drove in, I think we drove ~10+ miles into the park (I might be off on this number...). I couldn't imagine hiking in as there were a lot of hills. I think my friend mentioned that sometimes people bike in.

How do you get the application?
Not sure! A quick search online and I found a couple interesting links.

http://gambolinman.blogspot.com/2005/08 ... -edge.html

Ahhh....found it!

Good luck!
Thanks for the link.
geez...that's a ton of rules. And rain cancels the event. ;D
hike out to mississippi and convert yer thermarest into a float tube. should actually be muy bueno with rain actually falling from the sky this year... ;)