Hidden Lakes!

Hey guys, I haven't posted up an outing for quite a while.. Mostly because of school, and when we go out, its usually to some really pressured lake like the Campbell Percs so its kinda hard to catch anything  >:( Well for the first time today we went to a place called Hidden Lakes. I heard about this place before from a fisherman in L.A. This was our second time there, but the first time fishing it because the first time we went there we had no rods.. it was an accident finding the place LOL So onto the fishing story..
When we first arrived I ran to throw my first cast because I reallllllyyyy wanted to fish  ;) ;D So, after around 30 minutes, we headed toward one of the coves at the far end of the lake. After about another 30 minutes of no luck, I decided to tie on a bright orange colored worm because the water was pretty dirty.. Here comes the weird part.. I cast out the worm and I gave the rod to my dad and said "here dad can you hold this for a sec im gonna tie a worm for my lil bro" and he said ok.. and while i was tying the worm i hear him jump up and say I GOT ONE and i just dropped everything and waited for the fish to surface! well the fish was a pretty nice one and it felt so good to just see a fish..  ::) so i lipped it for him and we took a couple of pics and we released it! btw it was only caught it about 1 foot of water.. my dad said it bit the worm rite about 2 feet out  :P ;D :D im pretty sure were going to head back there tomorrow  ;D
heres one more ;D
Can you give me directions to this place? Nice catch!
way to go JC!!! ;)
Nice fish $ pics. The water looked really calm there. That always makes for a nice day.
where is that place?
im pretty sure im going to head out there saturday! so if anyone wants to bank it with me and my dad, just send me a pm before saturday with ur number so i can call you ;D :D oh and give u directions if u dont know where it is
But where is this place?
Its here : 37.440802,-121.904871
Ok I know where this is at now.. its in Milpitas (off of N. Milpitas Blvd.) .. in the residential area. can you get a tube or toon on there.. theres an outlet drainage ditch that runs right next to it if I remember right..
I always wondered about that place. How is this place normally? Like during the spring bite..
Thanks for the info.

I have no clue. I was supposed to go to it with jcFOSHO, but I couldnt make it. I want to check it out though. It should heat up faster than the lakes, since it looks small.
hey guys, we headed out there on saturday from 3-6 pm but we didnt catch anything :'( o well better luck next time i guess.. we also met up Rick and it was nice to see a fellow sjb member.. he didnt catch anything either.. as we were leaving i heard this one guy caught a 4 pounder that same day at around 5:30 on a live crawler..i want to try again i feel good about that lake for some reason